Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization is the technique of getting a website as high as possible in the Google and Bing rankings (among others), for terms that are most likely to bring the most useful visitor. Read our complete guide to search engine optimisation here.

What's the SEO secret?

Many dodgy SEO 'companies' claim to know secrets ways to get good rankings, but not even Google can guarantee specific placements, so that should be a clear sign that they're talking nonsense. Wild claims that seem to good to be true: are - and should be filed in the same place as any other spam or con artists.

There are no magic secrets to success - just like anything else it's a balance of skill, experience, understanding of the concepts, keeping up to date with new developments - but mostly just a lot of hard work.

How to improve your website's Google rankings

These are the things you need to do to get your website to the top of Google:
  • Ensure your site structure is logical and straightforward
  • Focus on highly efficient keywords
  • Provide lots of good quality content
  • Use a high quality fast server to host your website
  • Get lots of other trustworthy sites to link to your website
  • Have a keyword rich domain name
  • Make sure the content on your site is correctly tagged
If you do all these things better than your competitors, then you'll get to the top for the searches you want. But if your competitors are working harder than you in the areas above, they are likely to be ahead.

Read the full article on SEO here.


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