Consultation Checklist for Web Designers

I've been making websites for a while now, and over the years I've accessed lots of useful resources from other, more experienced web designers at the time.

So I thought I'd give something back and provide a list of useful questions that I usually go through at a web design consultation. This is not a be all and end all, or an exhaustive list, and I usually adjust the questions depending on the client and the sort of project.

However, you should find these a fairly comprehensive starting point.

They are useful for web designers who are just starting out, or maybe who have been going a few years, or possibly even as a refresher or to add something to a very experienced web designer's skills.

They can also be useful for customers who are looking to commission a website, to help them work out what they want and to ensure that the person they're hiring is asking the right questions.

Without further ado, here is the list, split into sections:

Basic info:

  1. Name of organisation
  2. Type of business
  3. Name of contact
  4. Email address
  5. Phone Number
  6. Address
  7. Contact Role
  8. Company / Charity no.


  1. What do you hope to achieve from this website?
  2. No. of leads
  3. Value of leads
  4. Other objectives

The Business

  1. Main products and services
  2. Startup / partially established / well established – size?
  3. Currently busy or quiet?
  4. Seeking to increase turnover?
  5. Fewer high value leads or more low value leads
  6. What is the average / potential value of a single enquiry?
  7. What is your unique selling point?
  8. Describe the customer profile
  9. What else are you doing to generate leads?
  10. Who are your main competitors?
  11. Give addresses or three websites which you like

The website and branding

  1. Do you have existing branding you would like incorporated? (colour schemes, fonts, logos)
  2. If no, is the client interested in branding / printing services?
  3. List the pages you have in mind
  4. What extra features and functionality would be appropriate?


  1. How high priority is SEO?
  2. Domain name (desired or status)
  3. Choose ten keywords as a starting point
  4. What useful free information could you provide online?
  5. What locations does the business serve?


  1. Do you have a specific deadline?
  2. Do you have a specific budget?
  3. How did you hear about our company?
  4. Do you have any questions or further comments?