How much should my website cost?

A website can cost anything from nothing, to millions of pounds. So how do you know how much is the 'right' amount to be spending on your business website? 

Note - this is s summarised version of the full web design cost article.

Free Websites

Getting your relative or mate’s mate to design the website for free may seem a good idea, but in the majority of cases the good intention turns into a chore – with you feeling guilty for asking for anything and them resenting the time it’s taking, and putting it off for weeks, even months.
And unless they’re a professional, you’ve still got the problem of having an amateur job.
So, you may decide to bite the bullet and pay a web designer…

Cheap Websites (a few hundred pounds)

A brochure website from a professional web company can contain images of your products, services and work you've done and testimonials from previous clients. It shows that you're serious about what you do and solid enough to have invested in a professional website.

Professional Small Business Websites (£500 - £1000)

A professional website built by a decent company will have a nice amount of content (around eight to twelve pages), giving a good overview of your business, building trust and encouraging visitors to get in touch. It will also be optimised for Google to ensure it gets in front of the right people.

Enterprise Level Website (£1,000 - £10,000)

The website could become a central part of the business itself, adding value, and adding to your bottom line. It could include online services such as: ecommerce, online quotes, members only areas, surveys, technical calculators

Big Fish Website (£10,000 - £150,000+)

If you have an established brand and a strong online focus, the sky’s the limit with what your website can do. An ecommerce store for a department store could have thousands of pages, multiple relational search facilities and serve millions of users per day, or an online banking facility could run into the millions and will require a team of people to maintain the content and code.

Read about how much different websites cost - using a tortured transport analogy on our main web design site.

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  1. I've been wanting to have a website for my company. I'm glad I came to this blog and got guided on the website's cost. Thanks for sharing.