International Web Application Launches

One of our major projects, Emerson's Select 8 Online, has launched - marking the next generation in their refrigeration technology selection software.

We've have been working closely with the International Climate Technology Corporation, and liaising regularly with the company that built the original desktop-based software to create a new web-based version.

The new web-based software offers the advantages of being available to users anywhere they have internet access, and allowing Emerson to keep all of the data up to date, without engineers needing to download regular updates. Having the latest data is critical in this constantly moving industry.

Having a web-based version of the software also allows the program to be updated with new features and updates on a regular basis, ensuring all users have the latest benefits.

Select 8 Online software offers a range of new features including a flexible interface, allowing users to customise exactly which data tables and graphics they wish to have on display.

A customised PDF report can be generated based on the users preferences and selections from thousands of options, and these reports are frequently used as part of consultant proposals.
"Emphasis on a user friendly interface and regular database updates have contributed to its popularity and made it a ready tool for consultants, contractors, end users and students in the fields of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps."
Emerson Climate Technologies

View the software here: http://www.emersonclimate.com/europe/en-eu/Resources/Software_Tools/Pages/SelectOnline.aspx

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